artist statement

My process is always an exploration, starting with finding a few interesting shapes that are guided by instinct and choice to form a “right new something”. I often use recurring symbols such as steps, windows, doors, and spirals making reference to aspects of our own individual path within the much larger journey of life. 

The sculptures are constructed from found and milled wood that is shaped and combined to fabricate an image open-ended and familiar. I collect many types of wood from barns, beaches, forests, and lumber yards using power saws, sanders, drills and hand tools to shape each section of the sculpture. The individual shapes are joined by dowels and glue to form the finished piece, a new life from parts of many trees.  Wood offers the pleasure of its natural warmth, as well as being a workable and durable medium.

Much of my inspiration comes from a deep respect for the mystery of existence. The abstract whimsical images reflect both the tangible-mundane and the fleeting-unseen levels of human knowing within this boundless miracle. My intent is to incorporate a playfulness of intimacy, the presence of peace, an honoring of time and a prayer for healing. I manipulate form to create a balance of tension, stability and trust. 

The piece “Mother” was titled after the work was completed, inspired by the breast-like shape appearing in the vertical element. The curves, swirls, steps, the deep color and mountain-head all relate to something as old as the ocean, the endless cycle of time. Mother begets mother, over and over again. 

“Daughter” has a simpler youthfulness, a maiden’s bonnet, an open window of possibility. 

“Praying Mantra” resembles the like-named insect with the emphasis on prayer. 

The collages are similarly created by manipulating different types of papers into an abstract image that brings whimsy and worldly together, a friendly dialogue between a quiet spirit and the mundane. The pictures are designed with color, texture, balance and harmony. The sections are adhered to acid free drawing papers with thinned white glue.  The wooden wall pieces bring sculpture and collage together.